Al Bash X Ballesta Club Cuarentena

Al-Bash-Ballesta-Set dj profile photo

Un set especial de Al Bash para Ballesta Club durante la cuarentena.

Al Bash:

While reading a book about Djing at work in a call center, Amer came across the sentence explaining the concept of Djing: “ to share the music you like with other people”. Here it struck him that there is a lot of music in his library that is not reaching a lot of people. Amer decided on a new path.

Although he was Djing for weddings playing 80s, 90s and charts music, it was strictly a way to earn some extra cash. Then he stopped Djing at weddings and started from scratch learning to Dj using his own library of Electronic music and other music he likes. From movie soundtracks, to experimental, pop, hip hop or any other type of independent music. That was in 2012. Since then Amer didn ́t stop working on his skills and looking into ways to improve. In 2015 he moved from Sydney to Menorca, a small Spanish Island in the Balearic sea for 9 months to isolate himself and work on his music along with other hobbies he was developing professionally.


In mid-2016 he chose Madrid city to start establishing himself as a practicing artist. He soon joined the party After Brunch and has been playing with them since August 2016. He also played with many other parties and recorded podcasts for other collectives in the city. Nomadas, Flava, Discoteca, Chineurs de Madrid among many. He also performed in many of the local clubs such as Goya, Café la palma, Moroder Sound Club, Siroco, Florida Retiro as well as other venues such as Nubel in the Reina Sofia Museum, Conde Duque, Melia Hotel Rooftop bar, Arts Club, and a few other. He also is a practicing fine art photographer with a coming up group exhibition in the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens and a video artist currently making videos for events and producing video clips for various artists.

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