Learning to make music?

Logic Pro X 90 days full version.

Apple is another company to offer some of its services for free in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well not exactly free, but for the first time, the company is releasing their DAW Logic Pro X full version for 90 days free trial. In normal circumstances you wouldn’t be able to download a free trial of the software. Whether you are learning to produce at home or you are looking to change/incorporate a new software, this offer might be great for you. Logic Pro has been the industry standard DAW for professional producers, home producers, recording and mixing engineers as well as high end studios all over the world.

Logic website image. Photo of studio desk with logic pro on screen.
Logic Pro X 90 day trial.

This offer comes at a time where most people have at home and could use the time to learn something new or experiment with their options, so why not give Logic Pro X a try? In case you are wondering, the free trial comes with all the sounds, instruments and effects. More than 70GBs of resources to work with. You might need an extra hard drive for that. you can download the Logic Pro X full 90 day trial here:

We hope that this helps you move along with your creative endeavors. If you are having difficulties putting your ideas to practice, move your productions forward or if you are stuck in the middle of a project,we have a solution for you. We recommend you download the Ableton book they have released for free also in response to the COVID-10 pandemic by going through this article : https://rastrolive.com/freebie-from-ableton .

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