Work for Ableton, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more… Electronic music industry jobs.

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Looking for a job in the electronic music industry?

Are you looking for jobs in the electronic music industry ? So many small businesses are key parts of said industry we sometimes forget about. Clubs, booking agents, promoters, publishers, record labels, vinyl pressing plants, streaming platforms and more.

Doorsopen.co is a website dedicated to bringing together employers and job seekers with postings for jobs in the electronic music industry. As of Monday April 13 they have 120 job posting from more than 40 companies. Some of these, Ableton, iZotope, Native Instruments, Roland, Souncloud, and many more big as well as small companies with different job offerings.

So if you want to find your dream job in this industry, this may be the right place for you and if you ever get a job through Doorsopen.co please let us know and send us some fine chocolates.

About Doors Open:

Doors Open is brought to you by Resident Advisor.

To a job seeker, the music industry can sometimes feel impenetrable. To a job poster, finding the right candidates can be hugely challenging. Doors Open aims to solve both issues, helping thousands of people make their passion into their profession.  

We also recognise that not everyone has equal access to opportunity. Doors Open actively supports organisations that help people who may be at a disadvantage to find work.

Do you want to strengthen your skills in music production? Check out the now free Ableton book.

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